Sunday, March 29, 2009

I will tell you........

Whats going on....:)
My top Ten!
1. Got set apart a second calling."Im going to girls CAMP"!!!
I get to be with Abbie!
Now I want my house to sell in!
2. Whew! Im busy. Just so busy! Im behind....on pretty much everything!
3.Mikes FRAMES will be selling down at Gardner Village Starting in April.
ahhh!!! We are so excited. Its unbelievable! Mike is just so thrilled.
We picked "spring colors" and we are doing a SPRING line.
They will be sold at..."Highlite photography" ....the cutest studio you will ever see.
{Dream big Annie Dream big....,,,} :)
4. Max is doing FAB inside :)
5. I'm cooking a roast today.......yum!
6. I need a maid.
7. Autumn is so excited to be wearing a #$@ like Abbie :)
8. I'm growing my hair out.......{ya right}...still trying!
9.I painted, changed, and re-did 4 rooms in our house in 2 days.....YES I SAID 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I crazy?
yes...NUTS!.. I was
Got home from D. Land Thursday.....painted Friday...moved rooms sat and sun {Saturday I had a photo shoot}...Mon, I packed! Left for Wisconsin on Tuesday. came back Thursday at 1:00 in the morning. Had a newborn shoot Friday, another shoot Yesterday....
now its Sunday.............*sigh* yay!
10. Ok--back to the story on why I had to change rooms......
when we moved here we wanted our room to be downstairs....for Mikes sleeping arrangement...{sleeping nights}
Then when Charlee was born we put her in the room next to us.
well-----we had TONS of showings while in D. Land. and the number one complaint was.,.........
Master room was DOWNSTAIRS!!
huh? serious?
people must can't see that they can do what they want.....
so we made it "MORE" traditional....and switched rooms!
Our room and Charlee's room up
Girls room down!
The end! :)


Heidi said...

Holy cow... get a maid already! You are so stinkin' busy! But, it's good for you! You seem to be good at it and doing WONDERFUl things despite!!
Love your guts! Also, love the picture!

Megan said...

Wahoo on getting to go to girl's camp! We kinda have the same callings lately, don't we!? Primary chorister, enrichment committee, and YW's. Post some pics of your room re-do's! I love that kind of stuff.....when it's not me doing it!

Jeri said...

I want to see the new rooms too. You have been so busy Annie. It is crazy!

Get a is the best money I spend every week! Worth every penny, because it keeps me sane. I haven't cleaned a toilet since November 2007! Even if she comes just once a month for will give you a chance to breath.

~Ali~ said...

Are you nuts???? Are you crazy???? 4 new rooms in 2 days?!?!?! Holy Shmoly!!! Super woman!! Go Annie!

Ehlers Family said...

Wow.. You have been way busy. Ok so I have to tell you something about Jackson on Sunday.. He was telling me all about Disneyland and his fav was Splash Mountain haha and then he said yeah we dont say the "B" word..and I was thinking the b word huh and then he said yeah we dont say stupid haha!! I was laughing forever.. He's so cute..

Jennie Moore said...

Annie, you are incredible. I cant even imagine! BTW, LOVE GIRLS CAMP... It seems like I remember something about a concaved bra or something...? Ha Ha. Those were great times! Best of Luck!