Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Polka dot day.....

Ive decided Today will be a Polka dot day.

I hate that I am impatient.

Why can't everything Unfold now?




So....Im trying to simplify my days.

clear out the junk, and focus on .....well, little things like POLKADOTS!


Natalie said...

Annie - glad to see your Blogitis is on the mend - love reading your cute posts :) Thinkin' of ya!

Honeybee said...

Cute boots! I just threw away some red polka boots of mine that were worn out. Would you send me your email {pretty please} I have an invite for you, I'm sure this is right up your alley, can't wait to tell you about it! Look at my blog post from 10.11.10 to see what I'm talking about. I would LOVE for you to come & finally met you! :)