Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its raining.......busy.

busy busy busy!
It was a PLEASANT weekend. :)
girls went to Lagoon TWICE...{they sure are gunna get their money's worth with their lagoon pass}
Charlee watched and helped Mike out in the garage fixing his motorcycle.
So charlee came in to fix her's
This picture makes me SMILE!!
she is a NOISY fixer too....
Then we ran around naked.....
SHE---not us.
I promise I DO DRESS HER.
THEN...we got into Mommies foundation makeup.
and thought we looked pretty.
see her perfect little foot print on the right?
5 little toes too....
BTW---I got this out of my carpet.
Hydrogine proxide and Ammonia and water. didn't have to buy a HUGE rug after all!
More foundation.....
And two tomatoes.
Not to mention.......
Liquid dish washer pouches cut open and smeared.....
and tooth paste painted all over my stairs.
made for a GREAT couple of days.
Im sure we will be replacing all carpets and furniture by the time she is 5.
just sayin'...........
I promise I watch her......
but GOSH......a mom has to shower, do her hair, make beds, do laundry and dishes, and edit, and and and and and and and................
Ug, I need a leash.
My sister and her two daughters came and spent the night one night and we crafted all day and night and then attened SHREK.....cute movie. :)
and listened to GLEE....
all 4 CD'S.....
and danced and sang like crazy people..............and annoyed MIKE!
we are good at that!
{i will not mention that he came in and shook what his mama gave him a few times}
I made another BAG full of goodies to take up to VINTAGE CUPCAKE ......
and then we enjoyed and endulged in a heavenly cupcake.
my mouth waters thinking about it still.....
Mike kept BUSY with "Honey Do's"
Hung my window...
and Foot board above my Island table.....
he says the guys at work tease him about all the weird things I make him hang.
they must be dumb guys.
The end.


Alyssa said...

Charlee makes me smile! i feel for you! Trey was just like that!:)

I love the footboard over your island. Gave me a Great idea for Tayah's piece of crap crib.

~Ali~ said...

Aww...looks like a FAB weekend!!!! How fun!!! And I didn't realize this...but I guess we already had Glee! hee hee So I made Ryan put it on my phone...I've been jamming to it and Colbie Caillet non stop!! lol And FFAAAAA-REEEAKing cute stuff for the fab VCC (Vintage cupcake co) hee hee You RAWK woman!!!

Pieces of Us said...

So so so cute! I love all the stuff you make him hang, I need your help!

Candice said...

I'm kind of a stalker of your blog. I am Jon Rowley's sister. Anyhoo...I love your kitchen and your photography and your fun style. So anyway I just wanted to come out of lurkdom to tell you that! Oh and if and when my family makes it back to Utah, we are for sure making an appointment for you to do our pictures!