Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new things......

I like new things.
And some Old.
Like this Old camera I bought at a small little antique shack off the side of the road in Bear lake, FOR $48
ISN'T IT AMAZING? It was like christmas for me.
thank you to my sis in law for letting me capture it. :)
I like things that I haven't tried before.
I like things that are OLD....but become new again.
Things from the past.
Im ready to try new things, not sure where it will get me.........
but we all have to TRY right?
I have learned so MUCH this past week....
a new me......
Im being a little dare devil.
But thats what makes me, me!.
I ran 4 miles this morning........almost didn't make it.
but I ran every step.......at one point as I turned around knowing I had to make it back home brought tears to my eyes.
but I did not look back........and we shouldn't either.
and I made it.
Im all about trying new things.....
I will post more bout my bear lake {cousins Kamp} trip, it was amazing.
This is OUR 13TH year......my parents are simply amazing.
We cried everyday.....laughed everyday.....played and I bonded with my family....
kia kaha!


Natalie said...

love the "new" camera Annie - soooo cool! What a fun traditions with you cousins - I love that idea. Miss seeing ya - we need to have a bike ride or somethin'

Hollie said...

My mom owns that little antique shop! The Jail House right?? She gets fun new stuff all the time and it's so much fun to go there. Nice find!