Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One day...............

There was this lady.
Who took her whole family to watch this little boy's graduation.
His name was Jackson and he was the only boy in this little family.
He was graduating kindergarten. Kinda a big deal ya know.
at the end of the graduation during the slideshow
While the mom was taking pictures and the oldest daughter was video taping.
The baby of the family named Charlee TIPPED over backwards on her chair.
The man behind them was very RUDE,
and picked her up and THREW her at the mother. Yes, Threw!
AND then scowled at the mother. Yes, Scowl.
The Father of Charlee then grabbed her to walk outside before he punched the guy in the face.
On his way out he said to the mean man behind the family.
"Sorry, didn't mean to DISTURB YOU"
the Mom of Charlee was sitting there shaking with LIVID-NESS!
trying to think of 100 things to say.
At the end of the graduation, the Mom turns around and says.
You didn't need to be rude ya know. It was a accident.
and the man responded. "Im rude? I saved your daughters life" "and you wern't even watching her"
The mom then says " Well you acted like a BIG front of your own kids"
and then the mom of charlee walked, or SHE would have slapped him!
I will post pictures of This cute little Graduate later.
I don't want his picture and the story in the same BLOG POST.!
Whatever happened to the saying "Nice Matters"?
Ok-----i feel better now.


Betheny & Jacob said...

Oh, Annie! I'm so sorry. What a jerk. I don't see how anybody could be so rude to such a cute little Charlee! My blood is boiling FOR you.

Simply Lavender said...

WHAT THE HECK??????? Talk about a RUDES-BE CRANKY PANTS! pfffhhht!
Good thing gramma wasn't sitting there in front of him is all I can say.