Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Sniff Sniff"

My Little Jax is all done with Kindergarten.
I indeed got teary eyed as he walked across the stage to get his certificate.
He is growing up WAY TO FAST!
Im very VERY excited to have him home with me everyday this summer. I sure enjoy his Company.
I got him a WHOLE new outfit.....and a new hair cut to match.
I think he looks like a good lookin missionary! :)
Look at his CHEESIER smile!!!
Cheers to SUMMER!
let the fun and crazy-ness begin!


Kari and Parker said...

so cute.. love his outfit! Enjoy this summer.. they do grow up so fast.. I HATE it! By the way.. the cute chalk board behind him on the porch, did you make that.. silly question cause I KNOW you did.. but did you just spray paint with that chalk paint stuff? cause I want it. mmkay. thanks.

Simply Lavender said...

The most handsome-est and cutest and funniest Jax on the planet!
That is such a proud moment walking across that stage! WAY TO GO MR J!!!! LOved it!
No doubt that Jax will be loving summer and all the days he gets to *not go to school* too!
Millie and Jax walking up to graduate to 1st grade....Kenzie and Josh walking up to graduate from high school. These kids ARE growing up way too fast!! SIGH.