Monday, August 2, 2010


This is us tonight.
I fell {dont laugh} in a hole 2 days ago...hit my shin and its now swollen and bruised.
my 11 miles will have to wait a few more days. :(
Mike was wrestling with Jackson this morning and broke his toe.
Soooooo.......we are now best friends with Icepacks and Ibuprofin. :)
On a LIGHTER note:
ta da!!
I painted it a bright Aqua last week...
brought it up to my room and the more I looked at it everyday...the more I didn't like how bright it was.
Sooooooooooo I repainted it today and went with a faded Robin Egg blue.
I will add black and white polka dot pillows along with orange and gray...
HOPEFULLY with a new bedspread...{wink wink mike}

1 comment:

Shelley Hansen said...

Love the color.. at least you can be cripple with your hunny!