Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Am I bored?

Or Lazy.........
The girls are are Lagoon for the Day.
Charlee is asleep...{Awhhh... *Sigh*}
Jax is playing fighter guys with a friend in the other room.
And Im sipping on iced Green Tea.
And writing down ALL the millions of things I want to do and make.
I feel like Im nesting.
You know that feeling when your pregnant and you just want your home and life to be organized as much as possiable before the little bundle comes?
and you fold the teeny white onsies 20 times just right?
My eyes have been opened these last couple weeks.......
I cannot believe the world. What a SCARY world.
I want to seclude myself...and create a home where its a SOFT & SAFE place to land for Mike and I and for my children.
what else do we HAVE besides that?
I mean really............
I have made some HUGE goals......
We have made some goals as a family.....and I have already seen a difference in the kids.
along with other goals, we are now a FACEBOOK FREE HOME!
YAY! Feels so good!!
anyways.........enough with rambles.
Im shareing some of my TO DO'S with you....
{are you sitting? Better sit!}
Ruffle Curtins made from two twin sheets......
{I was thinking what a CUTE shower curtin too}
Burlap pillow............ super OOBER cute!!!

Jersey Knit Flowers............I KNOW RIGHT?????????????

{i have the tutorial if anyone wants it}

I love this. I love weird art pieces.
I think this would look heavenly in Charlee's room.....

I screamed when I saw this skirt. like REALLY SCREAMED!
Abbie loves it too.
so I need to make two......
it came with a tutorial, its on UCREATE up above to the right {link}

and My fav.....
look at this journal!!
You all know I ADORE journaling....
ever since I was 8 years old...
how sweet is this to put right by my bedside to write my thoughts at night......
thoughts in the middle of the night....
and thoughts in the morning.....
I love how its made from a pile of CRAP!
I love piles of crap creating.


Shawntae said...

I want that flower tutorial!!& That skirt is to die for!!

Megan said...

LOVE it all! You go on and make all that stuff so I can read about it since I want to make some, but might not get around to it! Not enough hours in my day, KWIM? I painted my wall in the school room! Eeeeee! LOVE it! I wanna make one of those chalkboards to put on my little table in my entryway...........I feel like I am nesting, too! Getting ready to go back to school, I guess! :)

cindy-todoslosninos.blogspot.com said...

Hello Bored. I'm am dieing here over those ruffeled panels. WHY DIDN'T I DO THAT? I also love your sparkely toenails and can I just say; I love the way you love, please sent some my way. I'm alone tonight, my hubby has city councel twice a month, it goes until 11:00 or 12:00. It's never bothered me before but now I'm a wimp.

big hugs

~Ali~ said...

i want those curtains too!!!! holy poop they are cute!!

Jeri said...

Great stuff. I am dying to see you! You look like a happy girl Annie...like usual. That ruffle curtain is going to be mine! I love it! Anthropologie has a shower curtain like it...in greens and blues. It's cute.

Shelley Hansen said...

My kids went to Lagoon Saturday! They had a blast!