Sunday, August 15, 2010

road block.

Something happened with My last Run this week where I Hurt my knees.
Alot of pain. :(
{Picture: thanks to my sis in law durring our craft day with her and My sister, pictures coming soon}
I have been Iceing.
Using Oils.
And Ibu.
and resting.......
How can I rest when the Half Marathon is in 14 days and COUNTING!
I have trained so hard. So dedicated.
This is a road block, and its hard for me to accept.
All I wanna do is run.
Road blocks........
had one?
Ever wanted to Reach into someones broken heart and Stich it?
Ever wanted to Erase Memories?
Create a beautiful Bubble to place them in, ever so gently?
So they can find happiness and peace.......
Put Christ in your life. And you will glow.
Maybe I should take my own advice?
Today is a heavy day. As a million things are running through my head..
How do I?
How can I?
I know I talk generic-ly, but take it and place it where you need it today. Make sence?
I Have been on my knees alot lately.
And I have come to the conclusion...
Sometimes HF lets it rain.
He lets us feel.
Thats how Our hearts grow.
Somedays it seems so unfair.
But Understandable? .........Yes!.
I also came to the Conclusion that He will carry us when we can no longer run.
All we need to do is ask.
Those Road Blocks should not.....and WILL not stop me.
Have faith in yourself and what you do. Take your OWN leaps of faith. Listen to your inner spirit that will give you confidence and grace.
Those who trip all over someone for their own lifting will eventually fall.
Just Be Real. Don't hide who you are. Be Real. Stay centered. Use your faith for confidence. ~ teresa sheeley
I love my mom's daily quotes she sends to those she loves.
I have created a Folder in my email I put them.
and Occacionaly return to them finding ones that scream out to me. was this one!


Liseylew said...

Keep your chin up Annie!! You need to lay off anyway! Its not good to run hard all the way up to a race. Take it easy and your knees will feel better by the race! love you

Simply Lavender said...

Icing is one with the ice.
You're fine. I am fine. Really. You'll be fine. Things will be fine. You're OK. You'll be OK.
No kidding, you'll be fine.
Fine. Fine. Fine.
You'll be able to run. You will!
You are fine. You will be fine.
You will run. See Annie run.
YOU will do this!


Brad and Jamie said...

Thanks for your post today! It was just what I needed! It did my heart good!

Sorry about the knees :(

Shell said...

My knee started really hurting about a month or so before I ran a marathon. I did a lot of biking and swimming instead of running for training the last while and I was still able to run in the marathon. I have heard that the muscles on the inside and outside of the leg don't get as much strength training during running and the imbalance of strength can cause the knee problems. Working those other muscles may help. Good luck!

Shelley Hansen said...

Sorry about your KNEES!!! But you never know you may better in time...for the 1/2 marathon!
Praying for healing!!

kaceyandjamie said...

I am so sorry. I was at girl's camp last week, and this post reminds me of a story in the scriptures we talked about up there. It is in Mark 6:40ish to 52ish where Jesus fed the 5000 and then told his disciples to get in a boat and He went up into the mountain, and they got caught in a storm.... anyway He didn't come to their aid until the "fourth watch"...if you look up watches in the bible dictionary it explains more about them.... anyway, He basically let them suffer for a while. Just hang in there and do your best and the Lord will not fail you....

kaceyandjamie said...

Oh, by the way. I love your blog. Read it all the time. And I am your brother in law Chad's cousin's wife.... make sense?