Friday, October 8, 2010

He loves me? He loves me not?

GOSH i was thinking Mike was so nosey this morning.
Where ya at?
what ya getting....?
you leaving yet?
going home?
home yet?
After I told him TWICE I was getting Milk, Garlic bread and 3 birthday presents.
Then I got home.
Walked up my front porch.
Where I found THESE!!!!!!!!!!!

{Then I knew why} :)

How Am I so lucky?
He Makes me smile everyday!
Love Him!

I have LOVED this on and off again rain and thunderstorms.
Charlee was really CURIOUS this morning as it thundered and rained this early a.m.
Once we got the kids off to school, we got dressed and came outside.
She is pointing to the rain in the sky.
"Rain up there mommy"
"Scawy rain?" {in her scary voice}
"Loud Rain!!"

Mike and I got our Charger's Tickets......WAAHOO!
Its offical....TRIP IS SCHEDULED!
let the count down began!

Our very first TRIP alone. Ever!
And we deserve every BIT of sleeping in, eating out, shopping and staying up late!!!!!

1 comment:

Shelley Hansen said...

Yes, you do!!! Have fun on your trip...Thank God for good men the second time around!!
Not very many people are as lucky as you and me Annie!!