Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Likes & not Likes.

I like the sweater I bought for max.
and the Halloween collar I made.
I'm so mean.
Look at him, he is sitting there looking like he is in trouble........

I THOUGHT that i would like shareing clothes with Abbie.
Turns out that i do NOT like it.
I gave in and let her wear my NEW leather boots.
Only worn once.
i said ok...and then threatned her with her life.
im so nice.
and then texted her at lunch.

I said this:
Careful with my boots Or
will shave your head at night"
I like this pillow I made.
{made my own stencil out of freezer paper}
and cut the birds legs off......oh well. :)
but i don't LIKE that Charlee sprayed my newly made pillow with bleach clean up.
{can ya see?}
HELLO----mother of the year!

I don't like Charlee having Binkies!
DOES it really matter?
heck I dunno.......
But I do like how smart she is.
Smart enough to HOARD 7 binkies along with her stash of sissors and markers!

Speaking of sissors..............
I LIKE that her hair
is growing out a smidge....enough that I can't see her scalp anymore.
she even got compliments at Target today on her hair.
I giggled and thought....if you ONLY KNEW!

With sweet tears in her eyes...
This is her famous look.
She reminds me of that KITTY on Shrek. LOL!
for reals........
naughty little thing.
But now you know why charlee runs the show! :)

I LIKE Tuesday After School Snacks with the Jr High Kids.
I look forward to them coming...
I made:
Chicken Noodle Soup.
Halloween Sunkist and 7-up
and a bowl of candy bars!
not a single morsel left!

I Like/not like this picture.
I found it yesterday...
This is our old house.
Charlee's room.
Look at her Little shoes.
her little Hair bows.
Her blessing certificate.

I like charlee growing up.
but i don't like her growing up SO fast.

I like My new sweater Boots I found today. :)
{I don't like that I will have to explain this to mike....}

I like these cutest pictures of my super handsome BOY!

I like this last one.
he just did it himself. :)
I like that My friend Marissa has a studio we can play in.
I like that these pictures remind me of Mike.
the first one with the HAT? wow.........they look so much alike!

. I like this red coat! alot! It was MINE when I was little like charlee's age. Im so happy my mom saved it. My aunt made it for me. she lives far away and i never see her, so this is so special to me. I have some plans for a photoshoot with my kids next week. and i Think you MAY see Miss Charlee wearing it. :)

One last like.
I like that Charlee calls me "Mommy West"
its because we say
when they get in trouble......
too cute for words!


Shellie said...

Annie, you take the cutest pictures....I like all your likes! When I used to dress my dogs they would act so embarassed too, I know that look. Too funny. Charlee is such a doll, love those eyes, how can you say no to that. Love your projects, love your blog! xoxox

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Seriously ... YOUR PILLOWS AMAZE ME!!! I LOVE them all. Can I pay you to share your talent with ME???
ALSO: if those sweater boots go a missin' ... don't come lookin' for them here, cause I WON'T give them BACK!!!! JUST SAYIN' ...