Tuesday, October 5, 2010

don't judge me........

My name is Charlee.
and When its rainy outside
i think we need hats and gloves on inside.
ok? and I like to wear diapers that sag to my knees.
I hate clothes,
and My face washed.
So my mom lets me get away with it.
Im so smart huh........
All i have to do is cry and run......

I must get it from him........he is just as crazy!
Jackson's teacher Mrs Hall: Hi Mrs West?
me: Hi!
Mrs Hall: Umm, I Think Jackson is having a bad day {giggling}
me: Oh ya? whats wrong?
Mrs Hall: Well we learned quite a bit of math today and added alot to what we are already learning and all the sudden, Jackson's toes were hurting.
Me: His TOES?
Mrs Hall: {giggling} Ya....so we had to put bandiads on all HIS TOES!
me: oh my gosh.....{giggling now}
Mrs Hall: Ya, and then his socks wern't fitting right....and then he lost it and tried to be so strong not to cry, and then he sat down to write and all the sudden his hand was hurting to bad that he couldn't write or do work.
me: Umm, im not sure what to say right now........bad day?
Mrs Hall: yes....I think a bad day! Well, he wants to talk to you and I told him to be strong... Me: Ok!

Me: Hi sweetie.....whats wrong today?
Jax: I want youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ....{and let it all out}

. . So needless to say I brought the 10
toed bandaid boy home with me......
bad day indeed. So we ate ice cream.
and later on that day,
we went for a hayride and got a pumpkin!

turned into a pretty good day :)


Shellie said...

Oh so cute! Don't little boys just love their mommies? Love this story what a little sweetheart!

Simply Lavender said...

I could hardly sign in to make a comment I was laughing so hard!!
I mean this is belly laughing!!
I'm just getting my laugh quota for today from Miss C!! OH MY GOSH!!
OH....wait...I didn't read all the post....what did Jax do?
I need to go read the rest!


Simply Lavender said...

OK.....read the rest. STILL LAUGHING!!!!!
Sweet and funny!!!!
Thanks for the lift today!! HA HA HA!!!

ps...Shoes pics are awesome!!

Megan said...

Charlee is so stinkin' funnnnnyyyyy! Jackson and his hurts is too cute. And what a nice teacher to take such good care of him. :)

tiffany said...

Great post, Annie.....first Charlee in all her gloriousness, then that adorable story about Jackson. Too much! I also loved the party for Abbie, that was AWESOME! I love Keri's family photos, too....great job as usual!!