Saturday, October 9, 2010

26.2 = WOW!!

My Brother In law came down and spend the night with us so he could get up at 4:00 to RUN the Layton City Marathon....
he is a champ.
has ran MANY......
We were there waiting and cheering...
as I saw runner after runner run through the finish line.
half marathon runners and FULL.....
I kept thinking over and over in my head.
could I do the full?
really........could I do it?
that's just insane. 26.2 miles? on FOOT!
Hummmm....maybe someday!
Im good with the Half.....and my blisters just bearly FELL OFF last week..... :)
but I was really jealous of the runners this morning....I should have ran it!
My adrenaline was pump'n, I think its in my blood.
dang it!. :(

we are proud!
I shake my head in amazement!

Jax was cold......
it was a tad bit nippley.........
er' I mean...COLD.....


Matt S. said...

Thanks for being there, Annie - It meant a lot to see you, Abbie, Autumn, Jackson and Charlee there at the finish! Nice Pic's. PS: You can do it if you set your mind to it :-)

Simply Lavender said...

HOLY MOLY!! One more 26.2!!!!!
WOWSERS MATT!! awesome....awesome...awesome!!!
What can we say? Committment, courage, and calf muscles!
Did you recover the old t-shirt to wear another day? :)

Thanks for the great pics Annie!

HUGS. said...

My body hurts just looking at these pictures. They are very awesome, and, I too am proud, even though I don't know Matt. It must be in your families blood. Go Girl!

big hugs this morning