Sunday, March 20, 2011

welcome home.....

Welcome home daddy!!
He was surly missed!
He passed His fire training with flying colors. So proud!
Charlee even things he is pretty COOL!
Today was "CHURCH DAY" as jackson calls it.
He hates church day.
Lets be honest.
he cries every sunday morning as he sees me and the girls getting dressed.......
My skirt?
Ummm, ya, Made from a slip and old curtins. uh-huh!!
Comings and goings in the West:
Mike: Offical Fire Fighter now. He's kinda a big deal....
Annie: Ready for Spring. New Beginnings.
Abbie: Loving putting together wierd outfits, and won't stop talking about boys.
Autumn: Works every night hard for up coming cheer try outs. Talks about nothing else.
Jackson: Gets his cast off tomorrow. {halle-freaking-lujah}
Charlee: IS CHANGING!! oh, she is so fun!
She told me the other night when we were outside and it was dark that we needed a new light outside. :)
The end.
I have blog-itis if you can tell.


Megan said...

So is Mike doing firefighting full time? Exciting! What city? :) Hope you are all well and I still watch for you at that one place. Wink. Wink. Transitioning is dumb. We seem to be doing that a lot these past few years! Anyway, luv ya!

Simply Lavender said...

Glad Michael is back home from Texas! Sounds like he did great and things went well.
Never easy when dad or mom are away tho. Everyone misses everyone!
Miss C looks like a little stars wars character in the BIG fire hat!
Glad you are taking a semi-blog break.....don't know how all you bloggers keep it up anyway.
Enjoy those pink polk-a-dot boots!


smiths said...

Hi Annie it's Krista...remember me? Anyways I saw your blog recently about music and my sister-in-law writes may enjoy her

Plain City Dickamores said...

Hey i love your polka dotta boots, and the blue tie:) Love reading your posts!!!