Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Little Charlee

I can't believe its been 1 year. {sniff sniff} I know it seems like EVERYONE says that same exact thing. But its so true..........
My LAST baby is not a newborn anymore.......
She had her last can of formula
She is starting to use sippy's
She eats more then just baby food
I luv her!.
Miss Charlee was so hard to get here......
A sad time when I had a miscarriage before her.....
Had a HARD time getting pregnant {which is so not like me}
We struggled and all I wanted was to hold a baby...my baby!
I was teary for ALOT of months.
Finally---got pregnant!!.
And it was the most uncomfortable pregnancy I have ever had. It was HARD!!
FINALLY she came.......a room full of tears and joy from my family
It was so amazing how much she was loved from so many who didn't even know her.

Her she is.......all I wanted to to is cry and hold her!
She was perfect.
They noticed as they were cleaning her off that she had a defective ear.
not all the way developed with no opening.
I hear them talking.....
I wanted to SHOUT..........stop it! She is perfect!!!!!
I luv her ear.......Mike and I nibble at it all the time.......

I am so GLAD my sister captured this video of me and Charlee.....
Just minutes old!
awh.....brings tears to my eyes!



all her scowling glory!


Her famous look like everyone is dumb. :)

The first year was HARD!!! colic from HELL! {yes, i said hell} Both of us didn't stop crying till she was about 8 months old......ohh i think thats when she started to WALK! I think she was just mad she had to just sit and laydown.....

Charlee loves to play peek-a-boo...she actually puts her own hands up to her head.

She loves FOOD and crumbs of any kind!

Charlee is stubborn

Charlee does what she wants....she will push you down if you get in her way!

Charlee's new word it "HI"

She loves MAX to death!!!

She won't walk on grass

She loves to play hide and seek with Jackson

She hates the car {I think california ruined her}

Happy Birthday baby!

I luv you to peices!!!!!!


Megan said...

She is gorgeous! I am so happy you had a happy ending and got sweet little Charlee!

~Ali~ said...

Happy Birthday Charlee!! I just love that little girl. I can't believe that it's been a year! She has such a special place in my heart, she helped me with a huge milestone in my grieving process. What a special little girly she is to so many people! Just love her!

Nicole said...

My birthday baby! Happy birthday to you and me baby Charlee! I love those pictures Annie. And you are right...she IS beautiful and perfect. :)

Heidi said...

She is beautiful - as a newborn and NOW! SO fun to be one! Happy birthday little Charlee!!

Shelley Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Charlee! Annie, I do not know know her,but I love her!

Simply Lavender said...

Absolute perfection is what she is!!
How we love her!! Our sweet lump of sugar is 1!!
She just makes my heart sing!!

Annie-girl......loved the post! Keep spreading the sunshine!!


Jeri said...

Happy Birthday Charlee!!!! I can't believe you are one! Don't let your Mom blame you for all those tears. She cries at everything...even commercials! SSssmmmmoooooch! I love you bebe!

Pieces of Us said...

Happy Birthday Charlee! She is so stinkin cute.
{why did our babies grow up so fast??}
We need to have some playdates soon. Charlee and Beckam need to get to know eachother since you know...they are getting married =)

Marissa Vargason said...

Happy Birthday Charlee! Annie you are so sweet and genuine i love that about you and Im happy to know im not the only one charlee gives the "you are dumb" look too :) phew! I can rest at night now