Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Birthday Fairy,

Dear Birthday fairy, {I know your out there}
I would Like this craft room.
I want to rip my carpet out so it looks shiny like this.
And I want the birthday fairy to make this Island.
And shelves and cupboards for my fabric and crap.
Just imagine..............

If you can't pull through with the craft room...
I will settle for this shirt.
{I wonder if this fellow thinks he looks hot in it?}

I think I peed a little when I found this.
Ok, being serious now.
Birthday Fairy..........are you listening?
I would like some owl earrings.
like these.

Or these.

Or some of these.

And maybe this?

Or this?
I luv him.
He is so terribly ugly
I would give him a good home.

My birthday isn't for a week and a that gives ya time.

Things in the West:
I signed up for another half marathon in June.
{am I crazy?}
The picture I took a while ago for the Youth in our stake {the one with the post it notes all over his face?} Weeeelll,
Its going to be published in the NEW ERA...SHUT UP?
Mike and I are off tomorrow night for a two day get-a-way for our Annie-versary!
Did someone say shopping? Cuz I swear thats what I heard!
Mike don't roll your eyes!
My new calling is:
Super excited to help plan and that I get to be there with my daughters.
I think I convinced them to use "OWLS" as the theme
" you want to be?"
"Whoo am I"?
Owls on the brain.


Honeybee said...

Oh, my gosh! We really are similar in so many ways 1- I have an owl collection & 2- I was camp leader for 2 years & Owls was our theme one year. The girls loved it! So many fun possibilities. Remember "Whoo" you are & what you stand for & my favorite leading up to camp- "whoo, whoo" wants to go to girls camp?? You'll be awesome!

sweet nectar sara said...

the New Era! that's fantastic, good job :)
since you're getting uber famous will you still be able to take maternity pics for me?!?! i'll need to email you soon.

Plain City Dickamores said...

Girls Camp is the best calling ever:) you will do so awesome and it will be so fun to be with your girls:)
are you running the Utah Valley Half?

Amie said...

Your B-day is in a week sweetie! Exactly! That man fairy better hurry up

Natalie said...

Annie - I am totally laughing - Now you got me on owl radar - I saw the cutest owl wallet and found myself thinking - oh yeah i gotta get that for Annie LOL

PS - I think there is a reason the owl shirt guy's head it cut off in the picture...SHAME! :)