Tuesday, February 1, 2011




Hello. February 1st.



Not only did I marry mikey on valentines day 9 years ago.

but Its my birthday month. :) 34 BABY!

Along with Autumn's!

and two very good friends of mine....


two sisters


3 neices.



I am busy at work preparing Love bug treasures for the big V-DAY!

Also busy preparing for Autumn's birthday..

{see heart streamers below}

Cutting out 11 pink owls, ready to be stitched.
Starting TODAY I will be posting a {love} for everyday.
What I love.
What inspires me.
TODAY'S love is------------
Its a gift.
Who would have thought I would ever be a blogger?
My friend introduced me over 3 years ago, before charlee was EVEN born.
I was in awh at how blogging was bringing out creative-ness that I didn't know I even had.
It was releasing so much from my everyday life.
I didn't care who was reading or if anyone was even reading at ALL!.....it just felt good to ramble and write.
And post pictures as I started to develop a talent in photography.
its been pure joy.
I lost a years worth of blogs when I first started and I cried for days.
Weird I know.....but I treasure my kids memories and it just crushed me.
I keep saying im going to publish my blogs into books...but i keep putting it off.
come'on Annie---get it together!
I will be posting a pictures later today of jax's ORANGE cast.
we have all signed it.....he things its pretty AWESOME!!!
I told him no hitting people or dogs!
Also--he told me he loves me more then old people love chicken.
im not sure what that means? :)

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Simply Lavender said...

We {HEART} you. We {HEART} your blog. We {HEART} the strings of hearts!!