Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dry heaves and Gags!

The Girls and I had New Beginnings last night for Young woman...
2 weeks ago Autumn volunteered her and I to sing at it.
Isn't she the sweetest?
I had the gags all through dinner....
Of course she was chipper as a bird.
and she did WONDERFUL!!
Me? Im a scaredy.........
{We sang Daughter Of a King by Jenny Phillips..look it up, its pretty!}
But I got to wear my new shoes and lace tights.
Sooooooo,..........That made up for it!
They talked about dating and "Going out"
which they shouldn't be doing NEITHER till 16....
and even groups!
It was insane when the Young Woman leader read some statistics
with underage dateing and having a boyfriend and "going out"
and how it is strickly related to early sexual behavior.
you would get the heeebie jeeebies!
I DID!!!!


Simply Lavender said...

you're all lookin' pretty dang darlin'!!
Love the new shoes!
I'm sure the song was beautiful...
dry heaves and gags and all!


Jeri said...

You all look beautiful! I bet you sounded that way too. Love your shoes and tights. You've got to to a post of all your shoe shots over the last year! That would be cool. =)

Simply Lavender said...

R those new shoes considered birthday shoes?
or are you getting more shoes today?? lol.......
Have a fantabuloso day!!
make sure you have a cupcake or two!


Natalie said...

those are some DANG CUTE shoes! Love 'em. Way to go on the singing in public - i would never dare LOL