Tuesday, February 22, 2011

stay in my bed!

I need to be taking more pictures like this.
I feel like I don't take enough.
And you are probably rolling your eyes at me.......Thinking I insanely take plenty...right?
Nothing is more precious then sleeping babies!
IN my bed.
and safe.......did I mention safe?
When Mike is away.....
I let the Little ones sleep with me.
Its a treat for them.....and for me.
I uploaded these pictures this morning and realized how much these pictures NOW mean to me.....
I didn't think twice about it yesterday when I took them.
I mentioned "safe"
I am alittle overprotective with my cubs.
I do admit that.
Its something I struggle with.
Trying to find a balance.
When do let them "feel" and make mistakes, To When do I protect them and keep them safe from the crule world.
Its a balanceing act I tell ya......everyday.
Look at them asleep safely in my bed.
Then the moment they wake up and step foot off my bed....All chaos lets loose...
and off they go........
Im mostly gearing this towards 2 reasons..........
#1. Me.
I made some poor choices when I was younger and they effected my whole life.
We don't realize when we are teenagers how teeny tiny choices can still be a factor when you are 34. Right? Right!
#2. I have two Teenage daughters that I love dearly.
Protect dearly.
I hope they listen to me.
And believe me.
Itty bitty mistakes can come back and bite you when you are grown.
Be wise with your friends and Wise with your choices.
My Birthday----Minus 3 and counting.


Jeri said...

You are so right! You are as wise as an owl. :)

Plain City Dickamores said...

Loved your words this morning, its hard not to be a hoover mom!!! Have a great day.