Friday, February 18, 2011


I wonder how this weekend will play out.
I let the little ones sleep downstairs last night.
Since Jax didn't have school.
They think its the biggest treat!
Annnnd, makes me the best mommy eva.........

I'm not sure what Time this little girl went to bed last night.
She is a night owl.
And I get worried....cuz that's when the "devil" comes out.
I found her this morning, and it looks like she found a marker.
See her arm?
So-----i had to make a sweep through the house to see what she destroyed through the night.

{yes thats a binki. WHERE DOES SHE FIND THEM????}

I'm STILL trying to learn my guitar.
It feels like the first time I picked up my camera.
It was foreign.
I was frustrated...but I was determined and pushed through.
I ALMOST.......yup almost!..... threw it across the room last night.
Patience is a DUMB word.
How will this weekend play out?
Mike and I will be away.
Quiet, good food and shopping will be my therapy.
Abbie is mad cuz I made her go to school today. {really?}
Autumn had a little bit of a sassy mouth so she missed Tumbling last night. So she hated me for 5.8 seconds.
Charlee cried for an HOUR....and hour people!!!
Cuz her hot dog bun broke in half.
and THEN..she broke the plate on the kitchen floor and then says "I dinnt do anyfeen"
{with her hands up}
I haven't packed a single THING yet.
Im blogging instead.
ONE thing......Im determinded to find this weekend for ME time...

ooooh the shoes.
oh !
The lace tights.
OH I can't even function right now.....
I hope this lady doesn't mind that I stalked her blog and thieved this picture.
but, how could I NOT........seriously!
One last thing
I helped out the Young woman this week.
They did a activity on Modesty
and then tried on Modest Prom Dresses..
So I took Individual pictures of them all.
We had to refer to plan B...
whoa!!!!....THE WIND on wed was the Field we planned on going to was canceled.
Soooo----I took them between the two glass doors in the church building.
Only place I could go that didn't make it look as "churchy"
Oh well!!------we do with what we have RIGHT?
And they loved me anyways. That's really all that mattered. :)


Simply Lavender said...

LUV it all!!
Have fun on your weekend getaway!
Good luck finding the fun shoes and leggings!
The girls look so dang cute in their prom dresses....they are TOO LITTLE THO!! TOO LITTLE I tell ya!


Pieces of Us said...

oh i love her blog and those tights, shoes and skirt are killer...
have fun on your weekend!
{ps on your way back...tell mike to tell derek we need one of those...mmkay? thanks much!}