Saturday, February 12, 2011

12. {day of chaos}

I was up before the sun was.
My list was down to my toes.......I don't think I even ate?
Prepareing for Autumn's party tonight.....super cute!
Two of my favorite pictures yesterday.
Autumn and her friend heading out to the Valentines dance.
probually two of the cutest girls there!
Charlee's new favorite thing to do to Mike when he leaves.....
or walks away from her for that matter......
{sorry, just noticed max in cleaning mode...sorry again!}
You might pee.
Abbie was in charge of the cupcakes.
She worked so hard.
She yelled for me to come help her in frustration.
She says "I forgot to spray the pans mom..the cupcakes are sticking"
I said..."umm....Abbie?" "thats what the cupcake liners are for.
she was trying to get the cupcakes OUT of the pan and then set them into the paper liner.
she says "Oh!"
I didn't know that.
I was SUPER MAD at first...just cuz time was running out and i couldn't worry about the cupcakes......but i couldn't help but laugh, it was the funnest to see her soOO confused.
we call her britney from "Glee"
She then ran away ....cuz she knew I was going to grab my camera.....
sooo, I sit here and blog while the girls arrive with their gifts.
with a cupcake batter filled kitchen, toys all over the floor.
and Im not careing.
Not at all!
Now I will find a quiet place and enjoy my sonic.
Todays love:
My chaos life.


Simply Lavender said...

OH!!!! poor GAIL!!
I'm sorrryyy but that was funnee!!
now that's one for the journal!
glad you grabbed the camera mom!
Girls look darling for the dance.
DANCE??? what the?????/

I love that Miss C loves her dad!!

~Ali~ said...

Oh Abbie!!! That is FREAKING hilarious! And I bet she will kill you cause you posted about it! Soooo funny! Looks like you are going to have a fun filled night with a bunch of teenage girls!!! hee hee

Jeri said...

I love that! She will too---- in like 5 years. You will laugh together every Valentine's Day about this little mix up! Classic!