Monday, February 14, 2011


TODAY is here.
Valentines day.
Also known and Mike and I's Annie-versary.
Also known as FEEL day.
Also known as share your heart day.
Once upon a time,
9 years ago.
One girl met One boy.
This one boy, is so kind.
So loving and this one girl doesn't feel like she deserves such love.
Flowers cuz its Tuesday.
Our water heater went out and this boy spent 2 hours heating up pots of hot water so this one girl could relax from a stressful day in a warm bath.
Unexpected surprises just because.
Middle of the night medicine or tampon runs to walmart. :)
Long feet rubs.
Unexpected bubble baths with candles.
Teaches the kids how important integrity and honesty is everyday!!!!!!!
Supports This crazy girls passion for Photography and crazy wacky ideas and hobbies.
She has 109 of them for petes sake!
Daddy Daughter/son dates.
He took on this girls two daughters when they were 4 & 5 and loves them as his OWN!
They call him dad.
I have many more to add....
But ONE speaks out to me.
Unconditional love.
He loves me no matter how much I hurt him.
Tease him.
bratty, bad mood and onery.
He still puts his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me.
How beautiful I am.
Wife, mother, friend.
He fills my bucket when I am dry.
I don't deserve him.
I want to be more like him.
He is too wonderful for me.
He forgives me.
Im sorry to get all mushy...but I rarely talk about this man on my Valentines day is OUR day to speak.
This is the man.
I owe him so much!
He has a "secret" weekend planned this coming weekend just for us.
I'm too impatient to wait!
Today was so pretty.
Charlee took advantage and rode her bike outside........
We took the Kids out for V-day and got Chinese. :)
Here is Our Fortunes...........
{I got TWO of the same fortune in ONE cookie...wowzie}
Then came home and did "Luv Bug" stuff!
Ooooooooh, I love luv bug stuff!
Luv bug ROCKS!
And last but not least........................
Happy {heart} day.
From Jackson
Go hug someone.
{A thought from my mom}

"What does your HEART have to say? Listen. Follow".

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Jeri said...

What a perfect post! I loved it!

My favorite parts....Your beautiful black and whites...and Autumn's face in the love bug pic. I think she is jealous of Charlee's monkey towel. Annie, you should get her one.