Monday, February 7, 2011


This is the typical night time routine.
Love this picture.
Love my teens.
Even tho Teens are slightly retarted. I still am fond of them.
Our rule with cell phones is that they get turned off at 9:00 at night and then to be charged in OUR bedroom at night, which gives Mike and I plenty of time to be snoopy.
Not sneaky!
...for the girls are FAR aware that we are allowed to be snoopy. ;)
So here they are....finishing up their texting conversations.
I don't really like going through their texts to be honest.
I get bored.
You can only read so much....
Sometimes you get the juicy stuff like:
"I think your sexy"
or "other unmentionables"
Then.............. I get to respond....hehehehe! { evil laugh }
This is Abbie's dad, please don't send inappropriate texts, you are no longer able to text my daughter"
See, thats the fun part!
we just hope pretty soon we will have texted that to all the boys in their school and then they won't ever have a date.
here's to hoping! :)
I have court today.
what will I WEAR?
has to be extra darling......
I hope the jugde is nice to me about my ticket and no insurance card in my car.
He better be.
If not---maybe I should ask him with all the money I am giving him today...
can they put in a SYRACUSE swimming pool?
cuz Roy's is to far and Clearfield's is dumb.
K----K? Judge?
You owe it to us syracuse-ans. Cuz your Cops are mean!
Just sayin'


Amie said...

HAHAHAHAAAAAA! That was the funniest post ever!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I so hope you read this...looked for a spot to email you but couldn't find. weird, but I have a sectional similar to yours and LOVE the table in between the couch-chaise part - did you make it or buy it? I'd love to know, email me THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Rick&Danielle said...

I so hope my girls can be as good friends as your girls appear to be, so cute! (I'm not countin' on it). Good luck in court, boooo! Been there....done that. Stupid cops- go eat a donut!!

Just Mom and Me said...

Love this post- you crack me up!

Dani said...

Just do you know they don't just delete the texts they don't want you to read? I love your idea though! I'm so doing that with my kids!

Candice said...

That is a great idea! My kids are just coming up to cell phone age so I need all the help and advice I can get. I LOVE the parking them in your room at night and the girls knowing that you are going to read their texts. So smart!