Friday, March 5, 2010

i forgot....

Mike if you read this.
Have plenty of candy "canky" on hand.
Get duct tape for charlee's diaper.
Put alarms on ALL doors. She runs away.
Don't feel bad if the neighbor brings her back. :)
You can't give her everything she wants. { givin you THE look}
The girls will fight over hair brushes and toothpaste in the morning.
Its ok....let them punch each other. It always works it self out.
Autumn will be late
Every morning.
Don't yell at her....she will cry.
Jackson will try and sneak fighter guys in his back pack.
OK---have fun honey..... :)
Ohhhh ya, all the laundry is done.
but we are out of milk.


Megan said...

Hilarious! I love it! Oh, Mike,she doesn't really like lemon heads, I found out during Audrey's little photo shoot. So, give her any other "canky" but those! LOL! Have fun! :)

Jeri said...


It's "nandy" at our house! Here's to cavities! =)

Shelley Hansen said...

We use to duct tape Jaden's diapers when he was little! It really works!

Cindy Geilmann said...

You are still the cutest thing ever. I've missed allot on you blog, I had to catch up. Love the little shoes, the hair things, that funny picture, that your going on a photo trip, that it was your birthday, (the cake) everything.

All my blessings