Saturday, March 20, 2010

And out they went :)

Autumn has to know me by now!
should she be surprised that I took pictures on this fantastic day?
Autumn, no more strep once a more toncilitis every other month....
see? fantastic day. and your sweet mother captured this all for YOU!
im so nice.
{plus i have spent $75 dollers so far on icecream, yogert, popcicles and soup}
we also did allergy testing while she was under..
43 shots later......
she is allergic to:
all grasses
all trees
all weeds
and cats!
IM SO HAPPY we decided to do this.
it was controlling her life!
yay autumn!
your so brave!!
so all this pampering....
does this mean you will change my diaper when Im old?
its only fair!


Jeri said...

Poor girl! I hope she is feeling better now!

Crazy allergies! How does she even go outside?

Liseylew said...

YAY autumn!! Poor kid! I dont want to know what Im allergic to!! LOL at least it will be easier to keep her feeling spiffy now :)

tiffany said...

Poor girl, is right! At least she was under for those 43 shots! Hope she's on the mend, now!