Sunday, March 28, 2010

oh my.

Photobucket list from last week was long.
maybe thats why I haven't blessed you with my presence lately.
I have, however crossed off MANY THINGS!
if I can just get Wed over with {ward auction dinner}
I think I will in deed MAKE IT!
i have NEVER put together a dinner for 200 people before in my life.
I may or may not be found in fetal position that night in the kitchen... :)
I made the cutest OUTFITS for charlee.
my sweet friend in my ward came over and helped me.
I ran 6 miles this week.
I bought spring clothes for the girls.
Our manual and photoshop class was a great SUCCESS!
Im caught up with editing.
house is cleaned.
I will post some pictures of what I have been working on.
i can't seem to leave my craft room lately....
i love to stay up late, in the quiet, and CREATE!
I must confess tho.
I had an awakeing last night.
that continued on into today with the most wonderful lesson in RS which I bawled all the way through.
"listening to the spirit".
I have been stuggleing with free agency.
letting my daughter CHOOSE.
now, mind you she does NOT choose everything.
But i try and give her some sort of choices.
last night, the school had a great program going on that one of my daughters did not want to miss...
as she got ready, i realized that the YW broadcast was going on at the church at the SAME EXCACT TIME.
As she came down stairs in her pants....i realized she wasn't going to the church function.
i was sad.
i hid my emotion and contintued to talk to her about how she should choose the church functions over the school functions.
and how its not very often the youth get to hear the prophet speak to THEM!
i went on and on being annoying im sure.
then told her I will let her make her own decision.
She then went up stairs.
came back down with her sisters skirt on that didnt fit her.
to short.
I again was NAGGY! annoying!
and said she can't go with a skirt that is to short.
frustrated she went back up stairs and came back down with her pants on that she had on before.
am I the naggest mother in the world? can't go to the church with pants on.
we have to show respect to the leaders of our church.
she continued to say that she can't find anything else.
she at this point was irritated. as I.
i felt the need to go ahead and just take her.
so i took her and dropped her off {LATE}
and we told each other we loved each other and she got out.
at that moment.
I drove straight to the store to buy her some darling skirts and shirts.
{ ok, thats not what I realized}
but as I drove to the store in TEARS.....
i realized.......i should have let her make her choice.
and then i should have took her as she was.
and I ruined it.
if she goes in her jammies....then i should have let her go in her jammies.
i needed to step back.
i felt so bad.
Mike called and I bawled to him....
and then he LAUGHED when I said in my wobbly crying voice that I was on the way to buy her some cute outfits....
and then agreed with me about how I should have took her as she was. :)
I then texted my daughter to tell her how proud I was of her for making the right decision.
then she came home to some cutest clothes!
Please HF, i dont want to stop learning.....
could you imagine if he took that away from us?
I thank him for helping me along the way raise my children.


Brad and Jamie said...

Those "control" issues are so dang hard to let go of. We're obviously so much smarter and know so much more than them...right?:) My oldest is 9 almost 10 but the control thing is front and center!!!! Augh! Why do they have to grow up and have opinions! Such is life, we either take it and enjoy it, or let it pass us by. You're an awesome mom!

**the word verification to comment on your blog..."bless" that ironic or what!

Anonymous said...

no WAY!!!
oh my gosh.....amazing!!

thanks Jamie..:)

now I know what OUR mothers went through....and Now I feel BAD!!!!!!

Jeri said...

You are so amazing Annie! I am proud of your daughter too!

I taught the sharing time in primary last week, and the theme was "There is SAFETY in following the prophet." It's true. That is big concept to teach a four year old...even an eleven year old. I hope they remember that lesson one day when they have to make a decision...even if it is a little decision. It looks like someone in your house has figured that out. =)

If I come to your house in a short skirt will you rush to buy my some new clothes? =)