Saturday, April 3, 2010

A girl needs red shoes.

OK----I think im getting closer.
here is my 80th pair of shoes....... :)
lookin better.....
they are a little big. don't care.
She loves them.
Mike bought me a pair of sandles.
could they be anymore ME?
I adore them.
I adore him.
Why do girls like shoes so much?

Im so happy the ward youth auction is over.

the ward REALLY pulled through.

we made so much! :)

had plenty of food and a great turn out!

Now, im just glad I don't have to worry about another ward party till the end of JUNE! :)

our ward "over night camp out"

any THEMES you may wanna recommend?

last year they did a "fair" with popcorn and cotton candy machines....cutest!

how do I top that?

30 aqua polka dotted painted rocks.
I woke up sick this morning....
just in time for easter :)
I better be BETTER before Monday. I want to enjoy a week in St George in the warmth without a snotty nose.
we got our durango all fixed up and ready for the drive to find out we needed new TIRES.
so Durango...I have a letter for you........
Dear Dumb money sucking Durango,
We loved you when we bought you. Annie was thrilled to drive you around and thought you were so red and pretty.
But lately you are driving us up the wall.........{ha}
why do you need to cause problems? we are so "TIRED" of it {ha}
you are still so red and pretty........please act like it.
we most likely will sale you.......
The westies.


Simply Lavender said...

I'd like to order those in a lady's size 7 1/2 please! :)

The auction tables are too cute!!
WELL DONE Annie-girl!! whew! :)

loved the letter to the Durango. Time to go to a new home! :) CARS...CArs...CAaaaRs....!


Tausha said...

ok friend-I have just caught up on your blog. I am ashamed to say-I needed to catch up! Your blog is so uplifting, and real to me. Your words inspired,uplifted and give me the push that I need to do the right thing by me and my 3 three daughters!
Love you babe! Wonderful words, great ideas, beautiful photography and beautiful person! Thank you again-you have no idea how much I needed your words!! Happy Day!

Rileigh said...

killer shoes and I love that you have painted rocks as the centerpiece. It looks amazing