Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ok---here it goes.
3:00. Charlee cries.
and cries and cries.
So I get up....
seeing that when she got out of the tub the night before she dressed herself and just noticed I didn't get a diaper put on before bed.
Bad me.
so, there she lay in a puddle of pee, freezing and cold!
Bad me again.
I quickly took off her bedding and replaced new ones and got her some fresh newly cleaned jammies and got her tucked in again.
I cleaned all the toys they had gotten out while they "secretly" played in their room together while they should have been sleeping.
Toys like:
Jackson's fighter guy castle and pirate ship....
I got back to bed.
can't sleep.
4:30 Mikes alarm goes off.
5:00 he leaves
5:05 I hear a HUGE thud
then a LOUD scary scream.
scared me to DEATH!!!
I come out of my room to find charlee bringing injured Jackson to me.
{she was so cute}
he had fallin off his top bunk.
i can't even think about it. :(
He has been in so much pain.
poor baby!
They Wrapped it up in a splint till Monday.
After the swelling goes down they will cast it.
"Orange" he says. :)
Jackson's bed now has a bedrail.
To be scared to wake up in the morning and start a new day.
what next?


Candice said...

Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon! I definitely think you need some new shoes after this week!

Megan said...

UGH! You HAVE had the worst week! I have nothing to compare to that at all! I hope it gets better!! If not, go to Sonic and get some new shoes!