Sunday, January 2, 2011


You know when you hear other Gma's and Gpa's say
"we have the most beautiful grandkids in the world"
Well, for christmas this year I was Santa's Elf.
and I worked behind the scenes to capture a picture of every grandchild in my family.
they were blown up BIG for every family to hang on their walls.
In return I secretly made extra prints for the grandparents to hang 18 beautiful b&w pictures on their wall.
18 beautiful, unique, smart, talented, happy grandchildren OF their very own! :)
I have to say As I took the time over the last few months to do this and I would edit each one I would think about EACH child and think how lucky our family is.
and How lucky each one of my sisters ARE!!
soooo....Im shareing.
With you!
in birth Order is--------------------------------------

Zac-- 20 years old.
I use to walk with him when he was a newborn he was so colicy.
I was only 12. He is so handsome. And so good!
Josh 19 years old.
Collage student and has his OWN fashion sence.
Very smart!
He use to sing twinkle twinkle little star so CUTE when he was 3.
Kenzie 19 years old.
Collage student.
and oh so beautiful and happy!
has alot of boys flopping dead at her feet!
Treavor 17 years old.
He came home from the hospital in a suitcase. He was so yellow.
He was so FUNNY when he was little. And wants to join the army
he is a mama's boy and treats girls with such respect.
he is also a "gma's boy".
Tannier 17 years old.
he is our new years day baby!
he is so FUNNY!
very quiet and such a good kid!
he is a lady killer forsure.
Mattie 16 years old.
She is very wize.
known for her BIG BROWN eyes!!
always happy and knows what she wants in life!
landon 15 years old.
he is goal drivin to a T!
very talented.
mama's boy and very loyal!
Abbie 14 years old.
Athetic and wants to try out for the boys football team in the spring.
quiet and funny.
had a CUTE sence of style.
loves to be different.
Tai 13 years old.
loves to be different, and is very witty.
great sence of humor.
had the cutest HAIR when she was little!
and always wished her middle name was PINK.
Justin 13 years old.
He is very SHY.
Just like his mom, very funny.
and handsome.
we would die over how dark his brown eyes are when he was little.
Autumn J {almost 13}
such a GOOD girl!
very stubborn and had the "now" attitude like her mother. :)
is GREAT with babies and wants to open a:
bording school
for animals.
She already has it all drawn out!
Kell {almost 13}
Her and Autumn were born on the same day, same hospital hours apart.
so her mother and I got to experiance it together.
I was only there to watch her be born when I went into labor myself.
Kell is a preformer.
loves to sing and dance.
very shy and quiet!
Tyson 11 years old
he is very athletic.
Loves Motorcycles and four wheelers.
loves bikes and skateboards.
he is so cute and so tender.
Mollie 10 years old
Mollie was so naughty when she was little.
fingernail on the carpet anyone?
she reminded us of "boo" on monsters Inc.
She loves friends.
Meghan 10 years old.
Her and Mollie were born 2 days apart. we thought we were gunna have another "same day delivery".
She is very friendly and is very motherly.
she is very FUNNY!
Jackson 7 years old.
wonderful imagination.
mama's boy.
funny and happy!
Millie 6 years old.
Millie is extreemly shy.
very girly.
loves babies and is very loving.
has her daddy wrapped like NOTHIN'
Charlee Ann is 2 1/2
is very stubborn
very bossy
very sweet
very cuddley
has her daddy wrapped like NUTHIN too! :)
She is our CABOOSE!
What I love about my mom and dad is that they have took the time to bond a special relationship with EACH cousins kamp, christmas cousin sleepover...
and for that each child will be blessed with strength in their life.
It will be FUN to see where life takes them all.
The end.
back to sipping herb tea.
being sick SUCKS!


Just a bed of roses said...

My goodness Annie, I am kind of speechless seeing your mothers grandchildren and how lucky she has you to capture those moments so that they (your parents of course) can hang them on their wall to enjoy all day long...i know they love them more than anything and want the best for them that life can offer.
What good efforts you have accomplished here!
Hope you start feeling better, mothers can only be sick 24 hours and I am sure you have surpassed that.
This morning I found a BIG HEART in magic marker on my carpet, tended 4 year old granddaughter new years eve...seems she left us a present!
I showed Carl, he laughed, ha, he was thinking Oh I can fix that and I laughed cause I was thinking great new carpet!
lets see!
Hope he messes it up worse fixing it...right!

Simply Lavender said...

OH!!!!! How we just LOVE and ADORE each one!!
THANKS Annie-banany for doing such amazing work!! (secret santa elf)
How blessed are we??
THANK YOU parents for these.....a rising generation!

Where are the tissues?!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What wonderful pictures! They all capture such a memory. I am sure you family will treasure those like no buddies business!! You have such an amazing talent, I am glad to be able to look at all the beauty you photograph!!!

Jeri said...

These are AMAZING ANNIE! Amazing! I love how your love for each one comes out in the photographs. I can only imagine how happy your parents were. Beautiful!

Natalie said...

WOW! and WOW!! and WOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Those are awesome - what a fabulous gift and excellent keepsake for all the families - Love black and white headshots - they are so dramatic! Love it.

~Ali~ said...

Love Love Love!!! I have to tell you that your mom and dad are doing an amazing thing with what they do with their grandkids! I hope someday I can be half as wonderful and loving as they are! They are an inspiration and have no idea how much I look up to them!

And how awesome would it be to have all those amazing pics of each grandchild! Good work sista!

Leslie said...

Annie, I am in awe of your talent! But I'm in almost as much awe at what beautimus grandkids your mom and dad have. I smiled at every picture...they are gorgeous! They all seem to have a Dave-n-Dix stamp on them somehow! You're a good daughter for providing them with a gift that will keep on giving for a long, long time. Love your blog! Leslie