Sunday, January 23, 2011

OWLS and swollen eyes!

Well, Sacrament was as to be expected.
We have 3 a fantastic new men to fill the shoes.
Many tears shed. Including me.....I was a mascara mess. :)
Bittersweet indeed.
I wanted to finish these two aprons I have been working on.
SO instead of the NAP i muchly needed.
I spent time in my craft room to create.
My swollen eyes
Good music
and my sewing machine.

{Side note: Charlee is back to her loud, sassy, bossy, messy makin self}
I have takin a interest In owls lately.
I find them somewhat creepy.
and weird.
and darling.
Im thinking the Valentines Luvbug MIGHT make this one below for Charlee.
just might! :)


meg duerksen said...

i love this!
all of it....the ruffles...the hip to the side....the giant owl eyes. adorable.
happy to have found you today!

ashlee said...

oh my word that apron is so so so cute!! my girls gotta have one!