Friday, January 7, 2011

Office Sneaky Peeky!

Im totally MIA!
well, Its cuz Im up to my eye balls in HOUSE DISASTER!
I can't believe how much your house goes up in pure chaos when the mother is occupied with projects.
{or playing as One may say}
I love my Office.
Love. Love. Love.
Everything is organized and the unnecessaries thrown out!
It is decorated different then the WHOLE house.
WHICH-----is fun, because I will be working here.
{hopefully hard this year}
No, but really---Mike was off for a few days so this is ALL we did and be to pooped us right out. I feel old or something.
Big awards and shout outs go to my husband.
For he is a master with wood and hanging lights. HORRAY!
and props to me......cuz I used a SAW, and a nail gun ALL BY MYSELF!
I created a master peice ART...i will soon Unveil....Oh the Suspence!!!
oh and also made pillows for the Purple Bench!
funny how all my vision changed and my office pretty much looks nothing like it did in my head Before I started. Its better!
Oh and Melanie...... Grey Paint is Ashland from Walmart{i know right} Colorplace. Its so PRETTY!
The darker grey i used for the stencil is called Chimneysweep.
And the HUGE 20x20 stencil I used I got at Hobby lobby.
It was 16.99 BUT...i used my 40% coupon I get weekly in my email.
WHOOHOO! Im a smarty!
Well back to cleaning up and putting away....I want it DONE TONIGHT!
weird of me to want that......heeeee!

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Just a bed of roses said...

Isn't it interesting that you married someone like your father Annie!
Whatever your mother or you girls want...he (and Mike) are right there on the spot!
Makes life sweet.
My "schmoopy" (spelling?) is one of those too...they just know not to have a life of their own cause we have plans for it!
He did go ice fishing the other day. That was huge. I sweetly went to the shop to do my playing!