Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays Confessionals

So IF you go HERE
You will see Friday's Confessionals....:)
I haven't played in such a long time.
Something about airing out dirty laundry doesn't sounds appealing.?
Here er goes!
*I stayed up till hours in the morning on and off last night daydreaming about 2 love birds I set up on a date last night. Two people I love dearly...
* So.... Mike and I texted at 3:00 in the morning. He was working nights.
* I felt like I was the one dating. good grief.
* I'm tired and need a nap
* Humm, wonder why?
* I feel like an irresponsible mother. lol
* But im not. Im a good mother.
* Even tho charlee doesn't get a bath everyday and/or get dressed doesn't mean ONE thing.
* Im a bad speller.
* I get cold easy.
* I take bathes ALL the time. Sometimes in the middle of the day when Im cold.
* This has been a tradition since I was very little. HuH mom?
* When Mike and I were first married he would get so mad to come home to a furnace that was up to 78-80 in the winter. HA!
* I still laugh.........know why?
* Cuz i still do it. I just make sure its turned down before he gets home.
*i HATE being cold.
* The Mail ladies pants were WAY to tight when I saw her today. ewe.
*I dunno how to express myself OR feelings well...My tongue gets tied and it never comes out the way I want too. Or the way i think it in my brain.
* I express myself better through journaling..or writing it down.
*I don't think i have gone more then a day without my toes painted.
* my mom gave me that habit...."don't leave the house EVER without your toenails painted"
* I have been keeping myself in a bubble lately. The world scares me.
*I have addictions. Many of them.
* Im so thankful its not crack or eating chalk or something odd like that. :)
*I can't stop thinking about the Love birds i set up on a date last night. I need to get out more!
*I have to brush my teeth a few hours before bed.
* I gag when I taste toothpaste when Im in bed trying to go to sleep.
*Im the MOST happiest when I have NOTHING to do. when I get to stay home ALL day.
* The sores I got Biopsied last month came back as enlarged muscle bumps. {they are the size of a large pencil eraser.}
I have approx 7 of them. They are called a really long professional name i can't repeat.
He told me sometimes they are linked to kidney/liver cancer.
OH WHATEVER is what I said! :)
I have to go to my primary care physician to pee in a cup. Lovely!
and then return to get them CUT OUT!
* So it looks like I get to buy 7 pairs of shoes. Yippy!


Rachel Murphy said...

I love bathes in the middle of the day too. Maybe it is because I get cold easy too. Enjoyed your confession. Have a great day!

Just Mom and Me said...

What.. You should be setting ME up!! ;)

Sara Richins said...

I wish I could take baths in the middle of the day. If I do, some child or something will be hurt or destroyed. LOL!

Mamarazzi said...

said a little prayer for you on the sores.

i love love love a bath, a nice long soak in the tub sounds good right now!

thanks for linking up, i hope to see you again next Friday!

Green's said...

And I love YOU dearly! So, I'm not sure how many hundreds of gallons of scalding water I've used to take my hot baths at all times of the day, especially late at night when my feet are too cold and I can't fall asleep kuz I'm freezing. Sleeping alone sucks, no one to put your cold feet on! When I cook I love opening the oven door and standing in front of it to get warm. That's the only reason I cook haha!

Green's said...

Oh, and P.S. I am the luckiest girl ever to be the recipient of your fabulous matchmaking abilities!!