Wednesday, January 5, 2011


IM BETTER!!!!!!!!
Im not dead!
We are making some progess......whoopy! :)
Now that I feel better I got back to work on the office that has been ripped apart for over a week.
Gave it a second coat of grey.
Painted my baby tree's. {lavender, to match my keep calm carry on picture}
Mike and I stenciled the wall last night.
The rest of the way down will be beadboard. with a ledge. caa--ute!
its such a MESS....its hard to vision.....but just try anyways.
whats left?
Crown Molding.
spray paint the fileing cabnent.
paint the desk.
Add beadboard.
Add shelves above the desk.
Hang Light fixture.
{anyone know where i can get a DARLING one? I thought Ikea...but its so far away....waaaaa!}


melanie said...

what is the brand & name of the gray you used in here? It looks great!

Jennifer said...

so cute! what did you use to do the stenciling?

Shawntae said...

But it's sooooooooo worth the trip to Ikea!!

Torri P said...

lighting fixture idea.....look at ikea online...find light you friend Torri and ask her to pick it up and bring it on a trip to Layton ;) I would happily do that, and I will be coming to Layton the 1st Sunday in Feb :D