Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Margarita anyone?

To bad Im not a heavy drinker.
If I was, I think I would take a small trip to Margarita ville TODAY!
Today doesn't top yesterday's insanity.

{cute sign eh?}
So abbie is bacially legally blind, poor thing.
So we took her to the Eye Dr this morning....
I hate appt like this with a 2 year old.
The day wasn't starting off right from the beginning.....woke up late, rushed the HECK outta my kids.
and then not to mention a crying little girl, ALL MORNING!
she might as well velcroed her self to my leg.
So----back to the eye Dr.
so her vision was bad.....we expected nothing less.
time to choose glasses....
after the 60th pair, she found one she loved. {wayyy cute}
didn't realize they were one of the pricey ones.....
THEN-----the bomb hits...
you don't have eye coverage.....
yes we do.
no you don't.
yes we do.
So i called mike. He said yes we do.
so he got online and checked our insurance coverage...
UMM..hello---our insurance company dropped our eyecare starting in jan. lol
we had NO clue....
Doesn't insurance companies know we have to see?
so--Im swearing in my brain.
and charlee is screaming and running everywhere and ripping magazines. Lovely.
so-----I said what the hell, Im buying the damn glasses.
out of pocket exam and glasses hurts.
Thankgoodness we have a supply of ramon...lol
So we left....in a magical winter wonderland outside.....
dropped off Abbie at school and off to get groceries.
I about wrecked ...TWICE!
then enjoyed the cutest , oneryiest little two year old the whole time shopping.
Ahhhh......I wanted to scream.
Funny how they fall asleep before we even make it out of the parking lot.
not one SOUND here at my house.....:)
so quiet and so lovely.
So here are some glasses kinda close to what she got.
They are ALL black...with polka dots on the sides....
OH---and more chunky and square....SUPER CUTE!
she better love em till she dies!
im going to make 4 of these little Journals for my kids.
It will be a mommy journal.
Things to capture JUST for them only and individually.
i will sew in pictures and little things to remember them.
when they get married, i will give them the book.
so cute---these are the insides of the pages...


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I got my glasses at Zennioptical.com for TWELVE BUCKS total...and they have been going strong for over a year!!

tiffany said...

Wow, you're having quite the week, huh? I hate insurance companies. We pay tons and tons for our monthly rate and they don't cover anything till we meet a HUGE deductible, per year. So basically, it's like they don't cover anything! On a happier note, I love your new blog layout! It looks lovely!