Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Confessionals. :)

I actually like to play this now cuz....
I love to read all the other ladies entries, makes me think maybe Im more normal then I thought?

I took my Fake eyelashes extentions off.
and some of my REAL ones came off as well.....
I feel like I have naked eyes.
How long does it take o grow new lashes? lol
if you scroll down the past 5 posts you will see why im SCARED to wake up today.
Im scared i might slip on a banana and break my neck.
scared that I might come home today and see my house on fire
scared that my car will break down and I will be stranded for hours.
Scared that someone will secretly steal my shoe collection.
I love American Idol and wish i had the guts to try out.
Yes, I can sing.
I kinda wanna be pregnant.
I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old.
Thats why i love to blog.....habit!
I have lots journals.....the Highschool ones are INSANE to read.
i was mean to my parents.
and Im sorry I snuck out.
Ive been watching alot of TRASH TV lately.
This is coming for a girl who RARELY watches TV.
Jersey shore? come'on people......trash.
Real Housewives of beverly hills? WOW.....yikes...
Teen mom 2? Whoa......whoa and whoa!
I swear to much.
I get onery when the house is a mess.
I want to re-do my craftroom...
its a room above the garage, so it has those neat ceilings.
I wanna rip the carpet out and paint the floors.
i want to so badly.
{i know your reading this honey}
I say milk "mailk" and every one teases me.


Amie said...

it's more like MELK! LOL

Rachel Murphy said...

That's why I love confession too! I am NOT alone! I am more normal then I thought! I want to rip my carpet out and paint the floor too.. not sure how to do it but it can't be that hard RIGHT?!?

Come on Mike she is BEGGING here!

Hope you have a great weekend and you get your way!

Mrs Montoya said...

I swear too much, too and am embarrassingly obsessed with RHOBH. Those chicks make me feel so dang normal :) Hope you get your wish for the craft room. Sounds cool . . .

{J}eannie said...

You have had quite the week I hope it gets better.
I think a new craft room would help you feel better. lol

{leah} said...

I love!!! my high school journal!! I was mean too... I'm sure sweet vengeance was being written each and every time I was grounded....

I like trashy reality TV...I don't get cable... I have to settle for the bachelor.

Amy said...

I swear a lot also...I really need to stop!

I wish I had kept a journal from my earlier years, it would be so neat to read now.

This week was my first 'confessional' so stop by!

Sara Richins said...

I just watch too much tv! LOL!

jennykate77 said...

We could get along splendidly. I just know it.

Word to the wise, tearing out carpet isn't that hard. My hubby left for a weekend and when he came back I had ripped up all of the carpet in our living room and cleaned the floors...we were "forced" to get some faux wood floors. Darn.

I sometimes think I want to be pregnant, but then I just drink some wine and eat some chocolate and the feeling passes.

LOVED your confessions. All of them. They were fabulous. Hope you're having a great weekend!