Thursday, January 20, 2011


So my good good friend who lives in Maryland :( refered me to do her Neices Bridals.
And eh hem,........ she is a WONDERFUL TALENTED photographer over there.
So needless to say I have had the gags and throw ups over this session!
Talk about pressure and BIG shoes to fill.
Altho I was super excited to do this session cuz Im Bias when it comes to Valentines day.......and weddings. They will be getting married two days before.
So I made some Valentines props to go with this Lovely time of year!!!
When I saw her for the first jaw dropped.

{BTW---hate blogger pics....they ruin the pictures}

So pretend....they are even MORE wonderful then they are. Cuz they ARE!!!

I will post some more of my fav's later.....I was tooo anxious to get, I mean FOUR pictures up!

Can't wait for their wedding day to shoot with my friend Jeri. :)


Jeri said...

Love! I want to cry! I think you did a great job! I had no idea he would be there too!!! What a treat! That last one is so great, she really is so beautiful!

Thanks for posting so fast! :) :) you were super quick!

Morgan Greaves said...

WOW. WOW. WOW. Love these!!!

Natalie said...

these are so breath-taking. Love 'em!

Jessica Thomas said...

Stunning! You are such a talent.