Saturday, January 8, 2011

Somebody ...stop me! {said like Jim Carey on mask}

Its been like a YEAR since I wanted to paint a "Growing tree" in my laundry room.
Im mad at myself for waiting this long to capture the GROWTH of my children since moving into our home.
Jackson's gone through two pant sizes.......
bad annie, bad annie!
Since I had all the paints out.....I just drew it up and painted it real quick tonight. :)
meeeeee tooooo!!!!
Now i just need to measure the kids!
and do all the laundry that I hid before taking this picture!
ps. I Reeeaaly want a WHOLE bag of salt and vinegar chips right now.


~Ali~ said...

Ummmm.....your last 3 posts are TOTALLY dumb!!!!! haha I'm soooo in love with your office!!!! I need your help on mine...I don't know what to do with the disaster.....but I don't even want to go in there to craft or work or anything! I HATE it! BUTTTTT.....Ryan put up shelves in our laundry room.....I HEART storage!!! haha you your laundry room your messes...and love your face off!!! haha MUAH!

Holli said...

OMGosh, that idea I'm going to have to steal. I didn't even think of painting a tree on the wall to measure the kids. I've been wanting to do something about that just haven't found the right idea til now. Thanks for the idea.