Sunday, January 9, 2011


Loving the 11:00 hour Church.
Got somethings done this morning.............
Got to take my time getting ready instead of RUSH rush mornings.
AND the kids even ate breakfast. 11:00 should be the same for everyone. Forever!
So as I took my time getting ready and enjoying listening to a sunday cd upstairs with the girls.
I thought to myself. Gosh, its quiet downstairs.
I yell down the stairs to Jackson and ask if he see's Charlee.?
{thats a constant worry here at the West's}
He assures me she is right there by him.
So I go on with making myself look beautiful :)
I come down stairs to see this little one.
Make a $20+ mess.
Those are stamps.
loverly Charlee!
ps----. my Favorite part of the day?
The Bishop stands up before closeing prayer in sacrament and says "Can I ask Sister Annie West to come up and give our closeing prayer?"
eh? what..........serious? ummm..........
so that was just delightful. lol
and charlee running down the Isle screaming Mommy...
So I held her.
and she said her own prayer while I said mine. True story!


Shell said...

It was so cute seeing her chase you. I have a old chair that was my grandmas. It is stained and has been recovered and stained again. It is also missing a caster. Any way I see how you make great things out of old things and I wondered if you wanted it. My husband hates it and wants it gone. If not no big deal I just thought I would ask. It doesn't have arms and it sit lower then a normal chair with a bigger back.

Simply Lavender said...

Miss C is just helping you decorate the new office space!
Cute sunday picture...and 11:00 is my fav church time! should be all the time!
Don't cha just love it when the bishop calls you out of the blue?
UG!! scary. :)