Friday, January 28, 2011

Im so glad when Daddy comes home......

Charlee's Favorite thing is playing "blocths" with her dad when he gets home from work!
She will NOT let him forget.

Update on Jax:
Status is good.
His cast is a machine gun now...soooooo........
He has been spoiled.
Gifts from both Gma's.
Aunts and cousins, phone calls and cards.
and his best friend caden brought him a homemade card with suckers taped all over it.
It read:
Deyr Jackson,
I hop your arm fils betr
I like playing with you
love caden
But the best gift is kisses from me. :)
he loves em...

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Jeri said...

I am glad to hear that Jackson is doing better! Poor guy. That is a horrible way to wake up. =(

Love the block pics.

Wyatt broke his arm when he was little, and he LOVED his cast. It was the best baseball bat in the world. He cried when they took it off---because he wanted to keep it on!