Monday, January 24, 2011

Can I see your license and registration?

Got a HONKIN ticket.
But Im gunna back up....from the start.
There is more!

Today Started out like every other weekday of mine.
Up at 7:00 get kids up , ready, fed and out the door.
Then a little me time on the computer returning emails and scheduling. and of course checking out all the excitement in the bloggy blog world.
Got the house picked up and cleaned and beds made.
and of course, got myself looking fabulous. :)
then was out the door for a super cool session up in Huntsville.
I even got to ride up with my friend Angie, which we gabbed and gabbed the whole way.
luv her.

Session went GREAT!
super smooth and happy and I took a TON!

{the M Family. This is the studly G'pa who is struggling with a sickness}
I love this photo.....for the reason:
Its his LEGACY he has created behind him. :)

My friend Angie. :)

So.......GREAT session right?
This didn't even dent the number of pictures taken.
Wonderful day so far...
I'm not complaining. :)
Well---time to pack up and leave and I noticed I left my keys in the ignition.
Doors locked!
and its freezing! waaaa!...I hate COLD!
super MAD at myself and feeling super retarted about now.......
I was lucky enough to be at the Families house so the older men helped me get it unlocked after we tried:
plan A
plan B
plan C
plan D
plan E
and plan F finally worked.............WHEW!
doesn't anyone break into cars anymore? seriously!

Im mad I didn't take any pictures of this
Finally Im on the road back home.
glad the girls were home from school to pick up Charlee from the neighbors and be there for when Jax got home from school.......whew...lucky!

Jammin to the music, head in a DAZE.
I zoomed past a crossing guard and realized....OH, *&^% i need to slow down..
by then.....he had ALREADY got me.....
so I pulled over.
Now.....I haven't had a ticket in forEVER!!!!!
I never speed.
Dumb cop man comes to the passenger side and was RUDE...seriously.
like puff up chest and just a big jerk!
and i kinda giggled alittle.....cuz he was the most nerdiest cop i have ever seen. AND with buck teeth.
That was mean........... but I WAS MAD!
i was sue me!
So i handed him all my crap.....
and he was in his cop car for like 3 hours.
no , really.......i think i had a whole conversation over texting with my girlfriend while I waited for him.
So-----{this is where is gets good...don't judge me}
He comes back to the car......and says loud and forceful " uh... turn your music down"
{it wasn't even}
and he sits and talks to me and has me sign the ticket and i didn't look him in the eye once...and i didn't say ONE word.
I was RUDE!

he says "now here is your stuff back now please....{rude annie interrupts here}
I said it in the most sarcastic voice ever.......
and then extended my arm out and I grabbed my stuff.
and pretended he wasn't there anymore.
i'm so mean.
but I was mad for the way he was acting towards me.
But ya know what? I do respect cops....i always have.
but I don't think i should have to put up with that.
He was probably a nerd in HS and got shoved in a locker.

So I drove away in tears........jerk!

Anyways----i didn't have my insurance card in the clove box. whoops again!
so I got sited for that...and have to go to court and give proof.

I'm so happy I get to pay Syracuse City a Million doller ticket.
what I need:
Hot bath
with bubbles
Sonic drink
and new shoes.


Simply Lavender said...

mmmmm.....probably not going to be any new shoes for a while....:(

how does the fam feel about pancakes for the next few weeks till syracuse city is paid off? :)


Pieces of Us said...

Syracuse city is lame like that. Why do we live here again?
when you go to court bring charlee over. Trust me, going to court with a 2 year old ...not fun. At least you won't have a 2 month old with you too!
Oh and it was for Derek's ticket, not mine, can we say best wife ever?

sweet nectar sara said...

"pausing" at the stop sign cost me like 90 bones!
tickets are lame.

Erin said...

First of have a way with words. I didn't want your story to end :) Love you blog, sorry you got pulled over, cops are SO over-rated! Come live in my neighborhood...we have 7 just in my little area!

PS. Sorry if you think it is weird that I always comment on your blog. It is just to hard not too :)