Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random shananigains.......

I feel accomplished.
I love days like this.
Had some electrical work done today in the Garage.{ happy joy joy Michael}
Pit stop at Hobby lobby & DI. {happy joy joy joy joy me}
got some bids for the downstairs
Made homemade salsa for our Family dinner tonight.
Sang"old man"by neil young at the top of my lungs over and over in the car.
{don't judge}
Got the 70 million boxes in our garage broke up and flattened and took to a cardboard recycle garbage.
{hope that's not against the law}
Heck, whats another ticket? right?
and I feel like I'm finally seeing an end to the mountain of love love that.
And finally.....
My stack of felt.
That's going to be turned into something beautiful.
Just wait.
I love everything about this picture
The owl. {love me some owl}
and of course,random-ness of photo's.
I reeeeally want a collage board like this for each of my kids rooms.
But this head of mine will soon explode.
I can't keep up with myself. I need help! OR, a daily life planner....Those really exist?
This is extreemly random..................
but I want this polka dot swimming suit.
I think its should be the new sexy!
Oh, and a pineapple with a straw please......
I think my bad luck ran away...
yesterday was good!
Got a hair cut and i didn't go bald
Had a session and it turned out lovely.
Also-----Autumn's 13 year old valentines Birthday is coming up....
Just add it to the list, since i have nothing else to do...right?

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Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

My sister got the most darling POLKA DOT Down East swimming suits at their clearance center in West Valley for 5 bucks a peice!! CUTE!

She got...the first the 3rd and the 6th!! CUTE!!