Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Miss Tai........

Meet Tai-----She is My Neice!
She is almost 15.
She is a freshman at Logan High.
She got nominated and selected to be a Student Ambassador and Offered the chance to study this summer in Europe.
Along with Service Projects!
We are so proud!
She is such a delight!

She is doing ALL her fundraisers BY HERSELF!
She wants this and is working so hard!
She is so creative!
These pictures went on her flyer she made.
If any of you are intertested in helping her with ANYTHING you can either email me...{Above}
I can give you her facebook which has a paypal link on it.
Or call This number......435-213-7633
Tai-----we wish you the best of LUCK on this exciting journey!!!!
We {heart} U!

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