Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little Lighting Bliss......

Been Trying new things with Lighting.....I think I'm in Love.
Fall in love with eyes all over again!!
Blogger does them NO justice.  :/

Definition of Spacey has my name all over it....
I can't seem to Focus on ONE thing!
I have so many Things I'm trying to accomplish, prepare & dream.  I Just seem to walk in circles.
Then I catch myself standing with my finger in my mouth saying
  " Uhh What was I just doing?" out loud.
and then I roll my eyes AT MYSELF!
First Race is This coming sat.......I totally got this!  ;)
Thoughts of today-----
I love my kids.
I try and do the best I can.
Some days I really suck at it.
Some days I pat myself on the back!
Thankful for us another chance to succeed at something we strive for.
I hate when someone hurts my kids....
I will protect them always!
and I will fight like a mama bear should!
I am content with my life & what page I am on now!
I will do the best with what I have.
I will smile everyday....and hug & serve those who I love.
I won't stop pushing forward.
No one will get in my way...  :)
In my book---I put energy in things that matter and help build me.
The end.

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