Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Driving home after an Eye Appt SUCKS!!!!!!
Umm......I'm glad I got home alive to be honest.....I squinted as much as I could squint without dieing.....
My new bright red Lacoste Glasses...  :)
Im now a member of the 4 eyes club!
I have noticed a change in my eyes the past few months...
Driving. Mostly at night.
Watching tv.
I was right!
This does not mean I'm getting old btw---
Purely means I'm accessorizing........

One  last thing....

I love Ingrid.
I know you know this!
But I do.
Like alot.
A very lot!

Her New album "Human Again" is fantastic.
Its on repeat at my house.
And it will stay there until April when she COMES TO CONCERT!
Damnit........again, I need a date.....   :/

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