Thursday, February 2, 2012

Makin Life EASY!!

My day is complete......:)
Its only 10:50!
Kids to School?  Check.
Zumba?  Check.
Showered the Schweaty Bod?  Check.
Drew a kitty on Charlee's face?  Check.  {its funny i will post a picture}
Lunch with friends today?  Not check. But soon will be checkable.
Fantasic lovable email from a reader I don't know that ended with  "Love you"?  CHECK.
She had a request to have a email feed avaliable so it comes to your email inbox when I post......Umm...YES!  how cool is that? 
 Did it.
 Concider it done!
{look to the right}
Makin life easier for you........AND me.  :)
Ohhh such a Happy day!

{thank you sweet reader}

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