Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Beautiful date.....

I love shooting the Police Banquet!  lol
This is My third year!
 I have come to know the PEEPS!
and police officers......:)
My sister Kristi is a 911 dispatcher, and its fun to spend this evening together!
This year Abbie was My date! {I opted out on the blow up doll}
She loved dressing up and eating a AMAZING dinner and it was fun to have her there so she could see what I do...:)
The chief of police and I like to switch shoes at our gatherings every year.
{rainboots last year}
THIS year, he was quiet bummed when he said I was dressed "Normal"
No funkyness to Annie this
But, we managed to do the robot...{See below}
I will keep this in my notes for next year.
"dress more Annie-like"
As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw a cop drive around the heart quickly dropped...."OH! there is a cop!"
Then i realized.....oh, the whole parking lot is full of them.....hahaha!
Annie your a dork!
Fun night, with a beautiful date!

Someone passed along a treasured text today.....
Had a hard , teary morning!
A little swamped and alittle Overflowage on my plate!
She says:
"Cry it out, and then make room for courage"
I am 100% Capable!

I think I could climb a mountain today...:)

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Laura said...

Hi! Long time blog-stalker of yours:) I've got to know where you found the dress you wore to the police department banquet. Would you put me out of my misery and tell me where you found it? Thanks!
~ Laura