Monday, May 21, 2012

I am Annie.....

Sometimes it has to be about me.
I feel like there is MUCH sacrificing going on in my life.
OF which I would NOT have it any other way.
But sometimes we need time-outs!
I will always be Annie.
I have a plan.
I have 32 million goals.
I have 4 offspring of which I have plans to have them Succeed.
This will SOON all unfold, and I'm very excited.
But I also have to remember that I have to take care my myself.

I LOVE this picture!!
Another Photographer caught me shooting.......
I think it SHALL be printed....:)
Me, Myself and I doing my thing I love so much!

So Super HAPPY that I was able to spend Mothers Day weekend with my FAVORITE 4!
Running the race with Autumn {and my sissy} was amazing!
Autumn did Amazing for her first race....she paced herself and I was so proud!
I think I found my clone running partner!

I just signed up for the Top Of Utah Half Marathon!
I wonder if a FULL marathon will ever make its way into my life.....
I have teetered that Thought.
A lot Actually!
What I love about running is that I always seem to relate it to my personal life.
Especially when its hard core training time-----
Running is hard.
Life is hard.
Only one that can cross the finish line will be me.
My work, My determination, My efforts!
Times when I wanna give up.
Not go forward, and not run one more step.
But I do....
I go forward, and sometimes my legs are too numb to feel.
But I know the path.
Its right in front of me, I see it!!! 
Somehow my body and mind seem to know how to keep moving.
Its so important to have positive support.
A cheering section....... :)
My music is my water.
I have songs that when I hit a wall, I will quickly find and play.
Usually louder then I usually do.
In my life-----
I have been Judged and made fun of and punched like a punching bag.
Lied about, Mocked and kicked when down.
{People throw rocks at things that shine}
I see what peoples Motives are.
and I have changed mine!
Someone said "My believes are strong and my potential is incredible"
Despite my Trials
I have LEARNED who Annie is.
I don't hide who I am.
Whether I choose to go to church on Sundays, I still have a testimony.
Whether I have tattoo's, I still have a relationship with my savior.
Whether I choose to say hell and damn, I still get on my knees and let him know how thankful I am!
I feel so lucky to be where I am.
In all aspects......
My eyes see clearer.
My heart is very tender.
I love differently.
I know what  small things matter.
and I like it that way....:)
Things were taken away and I clawed my way back up.
From the ground.....
I know how I work, and I know what I need.
 I will do things on my own time, on my own watch.
I won't eat the whole elephant at once......
Biggest accomplishment right there!!.  NOT afraid!!.
Not afraid of bullies.
Not afraid of myself.
Not afraid of success.
Not afraid to say no.
I cleaned house......and clicked delete and didn't feel one ounce of saddness.  :)

I like who I am!
I am proud
 I will fight.
  And will continue to building my way up!
One foot in front of the other.......


Plain City Dickamores said...

That was a beautiful post:)

Pieces of Us said...

You are awesome. I want to be like you one day. Know who I am. What I want...all of that.