Monday, May 21, 2012

Ol' Blue

So Much Swimming going around around here.....
We might be black by Mid
We can't seem to stay away!!!
And our swimming toys seem to keep doubling.
Abbie and I are gunna invest in some good rafts/chairs to relax in with a place for our Sonic Drinks.....
Amazing what water, sun & sonic do for your

Ol' Blue.
Ive missed her........

I was wondering if I could pick up a date like this?
ya think?
Maybe someone who goes to Star Wars Conventions {not that, thats}
OR someone that wears socks with sandels.
Maybe someone who has a collection is nicely sharpened pencils......:)
Who knows.......
The  picture below is of my Nephew.
He is serving a LDS mission in the netherlands.....EXCITING!!!!!
We had a mothers day get together and got to do FACETIME with him.
We talked for an hour and 15 min.
Goosebumps!!  :)

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Megan said...

Three cheer for summer!!! I can smell the suntan lotion in your pictures..........yum!