Monday, November 2, 2009


We had an extremely scary night last night!
everyone gathered at my parents house last night for a famiy dinner.
We went around the dinner table to tell what we were
learned today
and thankful for
As they got to me
I said I was feeling a little worried about charlee.
She had just woke up from a nap at g'mas and was cuddled in my arms.
she was shivering/shaking and heavy breathing.
I thought, she is getting sick and now has a fever.
she got hotter and hotter within 10 minutes.
Then the next thing I know she started to JERK!
I looked down at her, moved her head back so i could see her face
and her eyes were rolled back
Throwing her to My sister kristi who was right next to me.
{I think i did that really without recollection being she is a 911 dispatcher
and deals with this every day! I knew she could help her}
Kristi grabbed her and walked into the other room.
as I cried in hysterics and so did everyone else.
all the cousins were hugging and crying....
The son in laws and My dad quickly gave her a blessing then my
brother in law grabbed kristi and I and put us in his car
to head to the hospital!
I did call mikes work. Couldn't get ahold of Mike but think I freaked the guy out
who ever I talked to with my crying and panicked voice!
Mike called with in minutes.
My brother in law took his call as I couldn't talk!
We finally arrived at the hospital
At this point Charlee was responsive.
Come to find out she had an ear infection.
and her fever spiked so rapidly which caused the sezier!
they gave her Ibu which quickly brought down her fever
along with a HEAVY dose of antibiotics!
We finally left the hospital and got back to my parents house
come to find out they had a HUGE family prayer as we were away..
I then got my stuff together to head home.
Mike left work and was waiting for us.
when we got home....mike grabbed her and hugged her and cried!!!!
I love my family so much!
The cousins are sooooo close and protective!
I am seriously so so thankful and BLESSED!
Angles and HF who watch over these little ones.
the preisthood
an extreemly close and loving family!
whatelse could I ask for?


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

What a frightning experience Annie, I can see why the panic.
so glad you were surrounded with your family and their humble pleading prayers to help you and Charlee get through this ordeal.

Hoping Charlee ,the little cutie pie you share with us will recover soon from this soon.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Today I am thankful for you Annie, for sharing this experience with me. I sure could feel you fear as you told it. Boy all your family seem to be quick thinkers, you sure can be my friends.

I'm grateful that Charlee is ok, what a scare.

hugs, cindy@stitches

Anonymous said...

Annie..that made me cry! I'm so glad she is ok! It couldn't have happened at a better place than having you whole family there for you!

Hope she get feeling better soon. Cute little thing!

~Ali~ said...

I am so glad that she is okay! That little girl has a special place in my heart!! I am also thankful for HF and Angels...I think Bryce was with her, holding her little hand the whole time! Love you! Love Mike! Love Charlee!!! MUAH to you and the whole fam....I hope you will call me if you need anything!!!

Jeri said...

I am crying too. I am so glad you were with your darling family! I bet Mike felt so helpless while he was at work!

I hope Charlee is doing great today!

Margie said...

Oh Annie! I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that! I think it is one of the scariest things! Lincoln has had seizures as well and it is absolutely terrifying. You just feel so helpless. The memory of them still plays out in my mind sometimes. We're thinking of your little Charlee and hope she feels better soon!

Shellie said...

Ok you have me bawling my eyes out too! How scary, this would be like my worst fear. I am so thankful that she is ok, Thanks for sharing, it makes us realize how precious our little ones are.

Liseylew said...

oh my goodness! scary! Bean had one of those when she was a baby! scared the crap out of me!

Pieces of Us said...

That is so scary! I am crying just thinking about what was going on in your mind through all of this. And not to have Mike there with you. Oh man. Good thing you were with your family and not home by yourself. I'm so glad Charlee is okay!

The Meyer Family said...

Annie, I'm so glad Charlee is ok! We love you and your family and feel so lucky to be your friends!

Shelley Hansen said...

SCARY! fevers can do that! When Jaden was little we were all eating out (family pictures all of the Johnsons) and Jaden fell off the chair(not far from the floor) he was crying so hard.. then the next thing you know he was grabbing his stomach and hunched over (sign of a head injury) so we start to rush to the we were trying to leave.. I looked down his eyes rolled into his head.. he then went limp....he was out for 3 whole hours.. they did all the tests they could think of.. finally he just woke up.. That was scary for sure!