Saturday, November 14, 2009

the sun does come UP!

The last two nights I have been up with Jackson with the THROW-UPS...{both ends}
Last night was ruff!
Up from 11:30-5:00...not one WINK of sleep!
3 baths
4 loads of laundry
scrubbed the toilet with disinfectant TWICE
scrubbed the carpet 3 times
rubbing lavender oil on his tummy and feet 5 times!
He finally fell asleep, and so did I!
Waking up at 7:30 to start it all again :(
when is nap-thirty?
Im tired!
Autumn has toncilities as well.......
OHHHH bother!
We had a family night last night eating Icecream and watching the new UP movie.
I cried! it was so CUTE!
{not abbie tho---she is to cool, and went out with friends} :)
Mike is FINALLY home tonight. phew!
It was going to be A much needed date night, but now I dunno how that will turn out!
It might just have to be COLGONE TAKE ME AWAY night.....
with take out!
Im watching out the window as I type this watching the little white flurries come down
Im so ready for the holiday season this year.
I really struggled last year feeling the holiday spirit
BUT its different this year, somehow!
i know excatly how , but I will spare you the BORDOM!
Here is some hair pictures......
autumn loves doing charlee's hair!
HERE IS a pic of my FIRST christmas decoration of the YEAR!
i will be slowly putting up decorations little bits by bits!
i love these little "flag signs"
As for now......Im going to go disinfect, sew and enjoy my NON BUSY DAY!!!!
For my hour long conversation with my sister this morning.
cozy Snowy days.
washer and dryer.
a non BUSY DAY!!!!!!!!! waa-freakin-hooo!

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Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Your funny! So sorry about the sick kids, and all the work that goes with that. I hope you don't get it.

I love you first christms decoration. I want to make a flag sign for my porch. What are the letters? Is it Vinyal lettering?

I m posting my first decorations tomorrow. Come by - I have a hot cup of Stephens French Vanilla Chocolet for you.